Pace Partner New Ride Routes [March 2021]

Last night I was following the red pace partner until we got to a junction and the pace partner turned left and I turned right. It was game over after that as I couldnt chase back on.

This shouldnt have happened as I join the pace partner from the main menu, rather than just tagging along whilst on a free ride. Is this the right place to report this problem?

Zwift mainly relies on w/kg and not absolute power, despite popular opinion. If I ride with Coco, I’ll be riding and averaging 2.5w/kg, even though I’m 20Kg heavier: ~200W to her ~160W. The same applies if I’m riding in a group with my much lighter wife - w/kg is the consistent factor.

Just me who thinks weekly is a bit infrequent? Every three or four days would be better IMO.


Would also be good to have a 2 w/kg grouping. I doubt I’l ever get from 1.5 to 2.5, but 2 would be manageable. So for those of us who are getting older or time poor or just not built for cycling, but love it, it would be great to have another step on the ladder.


DIY Personal BOTS configured to order :pray:

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Not on the flats. Climbing, yes.

Yes on the flats, read what I posted before attacking. I’ve been on Zwift for over 6 years and the myth you perpetrate still fails to die

What Myth do you think he is perpetuating ?
Can you quote the reference polling to substatiate this popular opinion you talk about ?
Since when has the length of time looking at a problem ever been a defacto guarantee of fully understanding the problem?
Quote the source that says the algorythm is based on w/kg as oppossed to w and kg , since w/kg is not a single parameter but itself a calculation of two parameters .

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I’m thankful for a) reasonable posters here and b) the « ignore » user function.

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Again, read my comment and save yourself from needless keyboard warring.

We did , and asked you to qualify your information .
We deduce by lack of an answer that you are not able to.
As you said perpetuatting myths is not in any ones interest.

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This topic is slowly getting out of hand.

Let’s take a step back.


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There is a very easy test to verify the “myth” of power over weight vs power. Pick a flat road. Pick a TT bike to avoid drafting effects. Perform 3 runs:

  1. Weight set at 100kg, power set (via erg mode) to 300W, let the speed stabilize, record the speed at which you settle;
  2. Repeat, but with your weight set at 50kg;
  3. Repeat, with your weight at 50kg, and the power set at 150W.

If W/kg drives speed on the flats, as @MRBaldi_T-ZHR maintains, runs 1 and 3 will yield the same result, and run 2 will be much faster. If pure power drives speed on the flats, as the “myth” maintains, runs 1 and 2 will yield similar results, and run 3 will be much slower.

I do believe these tests have been done repeatedly, but nothing like performing an experiment by yourself to prove your point.

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given the number of issues that Zwift has with a high volume of users do you really believe that they can handle a large number of person bots. Imagine Zwift trying to operate 1,000 bots, this would grind Zwift to a halt. Your requested feature will never happen

Also, this feature drives users away from the social aspects of Zwift

His ascerion is wrong. As a heaiver rider I also notice my w/kg to be lower than those around me while follow the bots.

With that said, Zwft does do some funny things with the bots, many times I see Coco zipping by me even though her w/kg shows lower than mine.

Testing of this type has been done, and by more than one individual. Here is an excellent example:

Take from it what you will :ride_on:


You already have a “pace” between Bowie and Coco! It’s really quite simple: select C. Cadence and change your bike to a Time Trial (TT) bike. When using a TT bike, the so-called “game physics” are altered to deprive you (but not other riders) of the draft. In order to stay with the PP peloton, you’ll have to push about 10-20% more power. Try it!

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I totally disagree. I’ve never quite understood (at least in the context of a training or endurance group ride) why so many insist on pushing more power on ascents. Change gears. Learn how to be consistent at the same power output, up, down or flat. Want to push more power on the hills? Fall to the back of the PP peloton before the start of the climb, and push as much power as you dare until you are at risk of running off the front. Fall back. Rinse. Repeat. These require skill. The key attribute of the PP is their steady power. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been disappointed by group rides that continuously violate their own ride descriptions, ruining my experience as well as my training structure objectives. Want to push more power on the hills? Go ahead. But the PP should be consistent.