Pace partner issues

Had issues with pace partners today 23May22. Using Apple TV: the Bret pace partner had the wrong w/kg listed as 2.3 w/kg (should read 3.3 w/kg). After joining, Bret was riding at the correct 3.3 w/kg, but after only several minutes the group took a turn and the program didn’t let my avatar turn with the group. After completing the ride I tried to provided feedback, but the program would not allow me to “submit”.

When I looked at the pace partner join screen today, I saw that D Diesel was set to 1.2w/kg. I thought “uh oh, forum is going to be LIT”. After a minute or so it switched to 1.5w/kg as expected (this is before I joined the pace partner, just sitting there on the join screen). Must have been something going on in the backend.

I think you have to type at least one letter in the ‘Comments’ box in order for the submit button to activate. Seems like a bug to me, but that seems to be how it works.

I believe the PPs all have dynamic pacing now, so perhaps you just saw the PP on a downhill section, where the wkg decreases by 20%.


He was going downhill

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