Overvew of new courses?

(Hamish Moffatt) #1

Is there an explanation of the new course options somewhere?

In particular, how can you ride the original island course now? I see the choices: prefer hilly, prefer flat, the mountain 8, the figure 8, and the pretzel.

(Bertram Redmeijer (B)) #2

Haven’t seen an overview.

Hilly is the original course

Flat is along the water, then over the esses

Mountain 8 is to the water, left at the “island”, up the less steep mountain side, under the water (reverse), up the “old” hill, up the steep side of the mountain, and up the less steep side of the old hill.

Pretzel  is the same as the mountain 8 (I think), with the radio tower thrown in (twice).

The figure 8 is the old figure 8 - old hill and ocean road from both sides.


And you can ride them all in reverse…

(Adrian Roberts (CLS)) #3



There is whole load of other useful info on that site as well.

(. TomH..) #4

Hi Hamish, 

At the moment I will have to point you the same direction as Gerard but we are working on official “courses page” where you will be able to check all courses available. 

Ride On!

(Hamish Moffatt) #5

Thanks all, that clears it up. I thought Hilly was another abridged version of the original that skipped the flat bits, like Flat is an abridged version that skips the hills. I guess the name makes sense in the context of the new mountain courses though.

Is the Watopia/Richmond schedule on the web somewhere? I want to try a longer course tonight but I’m guessing it’s Richmond day :frowning:

(Chris Leather) #6


Schedules here: https://support.zwift.com/hc/en-us/sections/200553705-Announcements


(Eric Schlange [ZwftInsdr] B) #7

Updated ZwiftBlog route details link: http://zwiftblog.com/route-details/