Optional upload to Garmin, Strava, TP, etc.

I would like to option to deselect the upload after the ride to the connected sites like Training Peaks and Strava to avoid double upload if you have an additional head unit or running the Sufferfest together with Zwift. The Sufferfest has such an option, and I use it a lot. 

Just deselect the upload in Zwift. You actively choose to upload to strava, trainingpeaks etc and can deselect this upload so that it is coming from your other head unit only.

But sometimes I use a Head-unit, sometimes I ride Zwift along The Sufferfest, sometimes I race, and I start the unit at a different time. So make the upload optional when you end a Zwift ride, just like in The Sufferfest. 


Option to upload to Garmin would be a nice addition.  As Garmin can be auto set to sync with Strava. You can’t Sync Strava back to Garmin

I have been uploading to Garmin connect. Just trying to figure out how to go from Zwift to Strava