Optimal monitor height TV 50-70 inches away

how many inches below eye line do you guys place the center of your monitor?

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I found having the bottom of my 27" monitor at the same level as the handle bars and within arms reach give me a natural riding position and the best detailed view.

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Great question Rob!

I tried to set mine up so that my head would be at the same angle when in the TT position as it is on the road (when able to see where Iā€™m going :crazy_face:). That position is very comfortable on the road bike but just like IRL it takes practice to maintain on the TT bike.

I have a 40" screen and try to have the bike as far away as I can because my eyes are not as good as they were! :nerd_face: :rofl: :rofl:

I just measured it and the bottom of the screen is 8cm below the road bike handlebars and 2m in front.

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