Optimal Gearing for all-around-Zwift-use and courses

Hi Zwifters.

I have a question :slightly_smiling_face:
I have recently tried the awesome Innsbruck course and it was a blast. But, I found my gearing to be kind of too heavy for some of the steep sections around 10%-and up. I ride 50/34 in the front and 11-26 in the back. Usually that seems to work out fine but not here. I was pedaling in squares. I prefer to be able to spind around at 85-95 RPM all the time.

So - What is your perfect all-around-gearing for Zwift in general?

All the best,

I ride a 52/42 with a 12-26 6-speed block (IIRC, might be 28). Works just fine for me. But my turbo maxes out at 7%. :wink:

You know you can adjust the “trainer difficulty” slider to pretend you have lower gearing than you really have? Mine’s at about 60-70%.

I ride my wahoo kickr trainer at the hardest difficulty because I want it to be as realistic as possible.

My new setup will arrive on monday - Im gonna ride 50/34 with 11-32t at the back. I think that is realistic enough :smiley: