A support for MTB gearing 2x10

Please add the ability to configure your bikes gearing.  As a user of 2X10 MTB I can basically only use 3 gears on the rear cassette  and the large gear on the front. my 20 speed has become a 3 speed.  


Josh, am I right in understanding that you’re spinning out? Have you tried maxing out the “Trainer Difficulty” in settings? Basically, that adjusts the “relative” incline we transmit to trainers. In the middle (default), we’re sending the trainer an incline that’s roughly 50% of what’s displayed on the screen. But at full-right, it will match it exactly.

With that said, riding a MTB in Zwift, you’re going to run into the same problems you would in the real world - MTB gearing is meant for trails not the road.

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Move your gradient slider to 85% or more, you can then use every gear. Note that Granny gears won’t produce many watts.