OnePlus 7t crashes following OxygenOS update [April 2021]

We’ve had a few reports of players on OnePlus 7t experiencing crashes when reaching the pairing screen after upgrading to OxygenOS 11.HD65BA supporting the latest Android 11 version.

Zwift is investigating. If you’ve found your way to this forum with that problem - please use the Contact Us link on and let us know details.

Same problem here with Oneplus 7t Pro and OxygenOS 11
Was working flawlessly with OxygenOS 10, after upgrade phone reboots when getting to Zwift pairing screen
Tried to uninstall and reinstall Zwift, still same problem
Solution please !!

Did you get it sorted? I have the same smartphone and problem!

Had to uninstall and reinstall ant+ related apps (ant Radio service, plugins service and USB service) and it worked