One Zwift For ALL

Dear Zwifters,

This week has been a week of self-reflection and action at Zwift. We’ve discussed at length our shortcomings, how we should improve, and what we will do to improve.

We will improve.

We have made a series of commitments and contributions to fight racism and would like to share this information with our community and hold ourselves accountable for further action.

There is no place for discrimination of any kind in Zwift, our communities, or society. We stand in solidarity with the black community and are outraged at the death of George Floyd and all others before him who’ve suffered systemic racism.

First up, we have made a series of contributions to national and local organizations in the US specifically to support the black community:

On a national level, we have donated to the NAACP which works to ensure all individuals have rights without discrimination based on race. Additionally, we are pledging our partnership and made a donation to the California Conference for Equality and Justice in service of creating a society that is more just and inclusive for all.

Our local community in Long Beach, California, where we are headquartered, is our home. We have pledged our support to the Long Beach Mayor’s Office, and Downtown Long Beach Alliance. We will continue to work with them in supporting the Long Beach community, which has suffered badly in the last week.

However, we know that real change is not going to happen without long term commitments. We’re making the following long term commitments:

  • We will improve our product, the Zwift App, so it represents better the diversity of our society and of the Zwift community.
  • We will listen harder to our staff and our community so the voices of all minorities are heard.
  • We will change our hiring practices to champion diversity and inclusivity in our workplace.
  • Alongside our global commitments, we will invest locally in Long Beach, California, home of Zwift HQ, to support one of the most diverse communities in the United States.

We are aware that we cannot stop there to support the fight against a systemic problem. This is why we are committed to these long term goals and to support these organizations in their fight for equality, justice and integration.

We want to hear your thoughts and additional suggestions in this thread, We value your point of view and are convinced that there is only one way to solve this issue: all together as one.

One Zwift For All

Anyone who sees everything as a race issue is a racist. We all bleed red, we are all the same. What does what is going on have to do with zwift? No offense but you shouldn’t cower to manufactured outrage because of the madness of crowds taken advantage of in an election year. Be good humans and do good things. Instead of donating to manufactures of division, donate to those that lost their businesses and livelihoods because of this political BS. Those folks come in all races and shapes. They all bleed red, they all cry salt water.


There have been lots of requests for more options to customise avatars, as well as requests for hand cycles as well as adding the missing national flags. I’m guessing that’s an obvious place to start.


There are so many ways you could have helped…but the NAACP is one of the most ill funded racist organizations in the US. I am sad you made this move to donate part of my subscription to such a group. I am an original beta tester from Jarvis Island and am not sure I can continue to support a platform I love so much.


I am surprised by your message. Do you consider your company to be a racist organization? I did not realize that I was paying $14.99 to a racist organization?


Has someone complained?


Come off it Zwift… you’re a multi national, multi cultural, multi race worldwide online platform. As far as I could tell, Zwift is already for ALL. You have no business getting involve in local political/moral issues like this. How about just concentrating on running your platform.


Serious stay the hell out of politics, this is ridiculous.


Glad to take zwift is taking the opportunity to review how it can be more diverse and inclusive. Looking forward to seeing how you track these to make sure you deliver real changes.


As a ride leader and avid, active Zwifter I can say I have not witnessed any actions or policies for which the company needs to apologize. I recognize the difficult times we are in and I see Zwift as an escape, for an hour or so, from the harsh realities of the real world. I see many flags, representing many people of different countries, ethnicities and cultures and I have never seen anything but support and kindness for all (sandbaggers being the only exception).
You can be assured that if I ever see anyone acting offensively to another Zwifter, whether it be racially, sexually or just buttheadedly motivated I will be sure to report them.
Zwifters, by and large, seem to be good folks. ZHQ seems to be good folks who want to do the right thing. My only recommendation would be to provide and publicize a mechanism to report any persons acting badly and feedback to the person making the report on the information and actions ZHQ might take.
To paraphrase Abraham Lincoln in the movie, “Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure”, "…dedicated to a proposition which was true in my time, just as it’s true today. Be excellent to each other. And… Ride On!


My Op-Ed.

I am not overtly (or overly) political or religious. I am not an oppressor. I am not a racist. (My Op-Ed so my opinion.) I will not apologize for being a functioning and proud member of both the human race and a law-abiding U.S. citizen.

For better or worse we are all born into our circumstances and through luck or fate some have more or better opportunities out of the gate than others (e.g., anyone being born in the U.S. as opposed to say a war-torn Syria). This doesn’t mean a person cannot be successful, happy, or at peace; however, it does mean life’s journey will be more difficult for some than others.

The best any of us can do is to live as happily and as peacefully as possible, while doing no intentional harm to others and in fact assisting others in their pursuit of happiness, peace, and success when and where we can. We should strive to be successful for ourselves, our communities, and most importantly of all our families. We should accomplish this without disadvantaging others in the process: No one should knowingly hold anyone else down for their own personal betterment. Finally, we should take personal responsibility for our actions.

I’m 60. That is how I’ve tried to live my life. I was born, like you, and I will eventually die as will we all. This is one thing, which binds us together; we all travel this same path. No one gets out alive. On this journey and at this point in my life I do not think, no, I am sure kneeling to anyone who wishes to guilt me for the sins of the past so they can become my oppressor is not the answer to anything. In fact, ‘surrendering’ to anyone is antithetical to my view of life. I live, I learn, and I adjust, but I do not surrender.

I respect everyone’s first amendment right to express their opinions and peacefully protest. I can listen or not, which is my right. Given our democratic society, I believe voting is the ultimate expression of those rights and the most effective means of affecting change. The ultimate power lies with the people. That’s why I vote without fail.

I also respect everyone’s second amendment rights and in light of the current state of affairs, I’ve begun researching semi-automatic shotguns … just in case the crazies are successful in defunding the police.

That is all.


Amen my friend. I am standing up and cheering after reading your post!!!


PLEASE FIX THE BANDING IN THE MEET UPS. It allows us all to ride as one friendly group - no matter our level or handicaps. It makes the ride inclusive rather than exclusive.


Mic chat for meetup


Really is this what Zwift is? A political organisation or a great platform to have fun?

I applaud your local goals regarding your staff and hope the USA will change for the better. I don’t applaud your use of my subscription (as part of your global customer base) being used for local issues. Support them by all means but don’t email me about it.

For me, Zwift is for people, of all race, gender and creed, to take exercise and have fun. With a few exceptions (the world-class riders) I don’t have a clue who I’m riding/running with, I just know them as nice people.

So far you have always backed global events, reflecting your global customer base. While I support the aims, perhaps you will get it right this time as a nation, history would say otherwise.

I used to be excited to read your emails, sadly now I will always wonder it it will be nothing to do with Zwifting and will need to be deleted.

I don’t like to see the platform I use to forget the problems and not remind me of them. I have deleted your email and hope NEVER to receive a similar one if I do I’m likely to delete my membership.


I really hope you are sincere and this isn’t pandering. I say this because the requests people have made for in game diversity are well established. Different skin tones, more diverse hair options, handcycles, trikes. None of these were major requests, yet they get ignored year after year. The donations are great, but will be seen as throwing money at a problem if not followed up by action.


It’s time for all Zwifter to get on their knees and apologize for all their Zwift privilege. Some people don’t have bikes, smart trainers or air for their tires. Some don’t have the watts. This evil Zwift corporation is
full of systemic racism and inequality. Somebody, actually several somebodies passed me going up Alps de Zwift without so much as an apology. And where is the zwifting for boaters and swimmers and tennis players and climbers, spelunkers etc. how about the bed ridden and the dead? What are they supposed to do? Where is the FOOD. No restaurants no freeeeee pizza. When are you guys going to have food and drinks available. It’s unfair and time to tear this thing down and build something that is more perfectly utopian and equal.
By the way it is stupid and harmful to apologize for something you haven’t done.

I accidently voted.I thought I could choose. It should have a choice agree or disagree. Just voting is naturally biased in favor of agreement.


Thank you Zwift …


Thank you for this message, particularly at this time. Long term commitment is the only approach to make sustainable change … things take time. But quick wins can bring immediate evidence of your conviction and help to build muscle memory in yourself and in others.

One example of a quick win is providing profile selections to represent me: African American, male, 65 years old. I can’t find a suitable hair choice, other than wavy dark hair or bald, I’m neither. I imagine this is an easy improvement and that you can use this input to broaden the inclusiveness of all your profiles.

Dr. John Kotter knows about sustainable cultural change and his methodology would be excellent for your stated objective of engaging your subscribers in helping you achieve this lasting change. I’m sure there are other such advisers, but I mention his work because of your open structured social network

Ride on,