One Time Day Passes

I know a lot of guys that would purchase a one day pass during summer months when they don’t need a monthly pass because they are outside riding. On occasion when we can’t get out for the day it would be nice to not have to purchase the full monthly pass and buy a one day pass for maybe $1.99 or something… Has something like this been looked into?

You already get 25 km free each month

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Its been a no many times before.

I get the idea, but from the business perspective would - I think - hit profits.

How many currently have a £12 monthly membership, but would subscribe 1-2 a week to do a race or workout?
I know I would just have bought 1 a week, would have been cheaper for me, same with my partner who has an account

One day pass would need to be about £4-5 - at which point people won’t pay.

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