One man’s quest to end cheating in virtual cycling

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If he thinks there’ll be no cheating on other platforms them he’s sorely mistaken.

Don’t worry, I am way beyond that.
As long as it is a platform making its best effort in order to create an hostile environment for cheaters that works for me.
Definitely it’s more difficult for me to be in a platform only pretending to care about it.
Having Ray saying that Zwift does not want to fix the issues and Chris Snook confirming that for community racing they only want to create events for people to have fun regardless of the authentic performance, just confirms that Zwift is not the right one for me.
Another thing also important for me is trust and commitment. And commiting to something publicly and then doing another is another thing that I am not ready to accept as a customer.
And I totally understand others may have different criteria and have extreme fun at Zwift.


:joy: Damn Spinbikes


I wish this was a real hardware enforced post thread :joy::joy::joy:

I really like Zwift. I want them to succeed. I respect the team that works there. And I want the racing aspect of the product to succeed. I think they need to adjust their priorities to turn the screws on cheaters in racing. I don’t expect perfection. Making steering games (Repack Rush, or in Crit City) is not important. Elite level racing is not important. The races that ordinary people do are important.


I can’t agree more.

But everything so far just shows that it is not going to happen. Beyond words and corporate blurry messages there is nothing actually happening in that direction. just lost hope they will ever do it.

The reality is also that very few Zwifters really care, they enjoy Zwift for the social part of it, and authentic performance only plays a small part of their Zwift experience. In my case I had to acknowledge I was the problem and it was delusional and unfair to pretend everybody adapts to my priorities.

I continue advising tons of friends social riders to join Zwift as it is the best community. But if racing is important to you there are better options out there


Too bad you left (Zwift and) which result in no more articles on Zwift-insider. I really liked your passionate and obsessed way of writing.

But I can’t imagine how hard it was to make the choice and to loose the best route of Bologna.

If you have another blogpost, please feel free to share the link.


Will see you on the Indievelo velodrome @Luciano_Pollastri_ZE I haven’t been on much.

If Zwift doesn’t care in races, they would care even less in just a ride. Today for example, I did the Achterbahn, and a certain cheater did the first KOM in 10min, had been riding for 10hrs and 471km and was at 11.1w/kg and no HR.

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11,1wkg after 10 hours? Why not? If he was having fun… :joy:

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If he had heart rate showing then fair


I forgot to add, 14,000m. I reported them, but what does it matter anyways, lol.


Interesting article. I’ve already noticed, via YouTube, that exposing any cheating once got your full interest. As mentioned in the ZwiffyRyders group on FB, I would like to have a look at your forbidden work. But I guess you’ll have to keep it to yourself. What cheating number did rowing on Zwift get ? Not that I plan on cheating with myself. The opposite is the case. In the true sense of the word.

i’m absolutely sure that mr armstrong could hold a bit more than 6.8wkg for 4 minutes but i appreciate the sentiment

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I was really interested in how this forum was amended to shut the author down! That is something that has happened all too often…

Absolutely. For example, when he was at the peak of his “preparation” Lance Armstrong did an average of 6.46wkg for 36 minutes in Alpe d´Huez individual Time Trial of the tour de France 2004, destroying everybody by more than 30 seconds. Even like this, it is still lower w/kg than 5 Zwifters on ADZ :slight_smile:

Also 40 Zwifters did more than 6wkg average on ADZ.

So yes, the reference in the article is not the best because compares different durations, however the consideration is still valid. There are many many unrealistic performances at Zwift.


Well, I share my findings with people actually serious about authentic performance and investing their time in it as I do, the same way they share with me all their findings. @DejanPresen is one of them here, but I could cite at least a dozen people. That is what Fair ERacing Alliance (FERA) is for. I have also to say that in that group I have found way more qualified people than me, both from a technical perspective and from an elite experience perspective. All in all I am just a vaguely knowledgeable amateur.
I have also shared with the author of the article here.
If you contribute yourself to the erradication of unfair and unrealistic performance in eracing I will be more than glad to collaborate the same way I do with others.
If it is just about curiosity then I am not interested :slight_smile:

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Well, talking about unrealistic performances is something Zwift definitely wants to avoid apparently.
I believe that Zwift should invest more resources in actually solving the miscalibrated behaviors and less ressources trying to silence people actually finding loopholes.
And I am not talking about me here. In one way I got lucky because the critical mass of people complaining at the time and supporting made it impossible for Zwift to kill the issue as they did with other cases. But I have been contacted by some people banned for the same and did not have the chance to be brought back because of public pressure.


I was silenced on here for trying to raise the issue of the use of personal data by 3rd parties without permission. It got quite nasty.

I find the behaviour of some very odd.


luciano is the subject of the article brother. i believe he was shadow banned after revealing a pretty huge (and ancient, i think i said at the time that it had been around so long i just assumed they had already patched it out) exploit publicly instead of just sending an email to the appropriate ZHQ inbox where it will have remained unread for the rest of time