One leg efforts using a one-sided power meter

(Dennis Tran) #1

I was checking out the 12 week winter workout plan and noticed that day 3 mentions alternating one leg efforts. I’m using a Stages power meter which is a non-drive side meter and will calculate power based on the left leg. So I was wondering if Zwift will estimate virtual power based on the right leg for these types of efforts when using these types of one-sided meters? Thank you.

(Jon Mayfield) #2

Hi Dennis.  Unfortunately with single sided powermeters the left/right leg drills might not be able to be completed properly.  You’re welcome to at least give it a try, but you’ll probably have to at least put in 10watts on the metered leg to keep the workout progressing as 0 watts will pause everything.  If that doesn’t work I’d just skip the drills completely and move to the next block in the workout for now.  TAB key will skip a block, or the blue “SKIP” button on Zwift Mobile Link for IOS or Android.

(Dennis Tran) #3

Hi Jon,

Thanks for the reply. I was afraid that would be the case. I’ll probably try a different workout plan or create my own custom one since skipping those efforts would break the intended development design of the workout.

Too bad Zwift cannot have a combination of a power meter plus a classic trainer so that I can take advantage of the virtual power for my right leg in times such as this.

(Jim Hansen (Seattle)) #4

You can copy that workout, then edit and replace those segments with something else… maybe some cadence work or something?