One button to give RideOns for all riders in a group ride/workout

Can we get a single button that would rain down RideOns to ALL riders in a group ride/workout ? It is very hard to focus on riding and selecting riders one at a time in the mobile link to give them a Ride On. I do use the “RideOn” button on the Map view of the Mobile LInk but I think that just triggers a voice that says “ride on” I don’ t think it actually gives anyone a RideOn.

Thanks for considering.


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Click on the white circle around your rider on the map and it will rain ride-on’s to all rides close to you.



Thanks Gerrie, I will try that on my next group ride/workout!

That trick does not work in Events like group rides , workouts  or races.



Bummer. My request for the feature to give Ride On’s to all people on an organized group ride or workout stands then. It is a pain to have to select each individual riders in large groups.

I’ve been in group workouts and seen “Ride On Rain”.  No idea how someone did it, but its possible.   They may have exited the ride, and then the suggestion above from Gerrie does work?

I suspect that the ride leader may have some of those special powers.