On The Uber Pretzel tour, Zwift just crashes

I like to do my workouts in Zwift when the weather is bad. So far I wanted to ride the tour The Uber Pretzel twice. Unfortunately Zwift crashed both times and this after about 105km and the second time at about 118km.

Zwift runs on the following notebook:

Microsoft Surface Book 2 (15", Intel Core i7-8650U, 16 GB, 512 GB, CH), Windows 11.

I had only installed Windows 11 shortly before the first Pretzel ride. That’s when I suspected that Win 11 was to blame for the crash. That was on 25 December 2021

On the second attempt on 1 October 2022, after many Windows and Zwift updates, I tried again. Unfortunately, again with a crash.

Zwift was simply gone, but the notebook continued to run.

After both crashes, I restarted Zwift (without restarting the notebook) and wanted to continue a bit more. Both times Zwift crashed again after about 20 minutes.

Does anyone know what this could be?

Thank you very much in advance.
Greetings from Zurich

Hi @Rolf_Wegmuller

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I would suggest starting by looking at the Windows crash logs to find what caused the crash. see: How to View Windows 10 Crash Logs and Error Logs (For 2022)

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Hello Gerrie
Thanks for the tip. In all cases where Zwift crashed, the NVIDIA OPEN GL driver was to blame.
It states:
“the gpu has been disconnected and this application may be unresponsive.”
Now I have to look into this to see if there is anything I can do about it.