On activity resume .fit file wrong

When an activity is resumed (e.g. after a bluetooth disruption requiring a zwift restart), only the activity from before the resume is saved in the .fit-file. The activity after the resume will not get a new .fit-file for both parts of the activity but instead only get the partial activity before the resume.

My activity feed shows this:
before bluetooth disconnect: activity 1088455942434996224
after bluetooth disconnect: activity 1088447533862092800

The .fit for both activities is the same, the one from before the disconnect (8km instead of 58).

Any ideas on how to resolve this?

After some more investigation, I saw that there are two .fit-files on my android device for this activity, one from before the resume and one after:

The .fit -file after resume seems to be invalid (size is only 584 bytes), the ride data wasn’t saved in the .fit-data for some reason.

Had the same and opened a case as clearly a bug. Let’s see if they fix it at some stage. My setup was IOS & bluetooth. Both fit files contained the same information despite Zwift showing the correct overall time and distances for two activities (pre and post resume).

Me too! Very annoying