Older Riders

I am a 77 year old rider. Your suggestion to use the age group for segments is a good idea, however, these lists of achievements are not even close to being accurate. When you talk about achievements listed by age groups I assume that you are looking at Strava. I don’t think that Zwift has this feature. I went to the 75 plus age group and started to check ages. I looked up riders profiles on Zwift Companion and found that many of the best riders listed in the 70+ group for any segment were actually much younger. I complained to Strava but they have no control of what info riders enter. If you check the top ten or so riders for any segment in the 70+ list you will find that at least 3 or 4 are in their 30s, 40, 50s.

I am a “C” rider. I can ride in a “C” group ride but that doesn’t tell me how I am doing relative the “C” riders near my age. I am almost 78 and I would be nice to know how I do against other riders my age. I would like to know if I am riding like a 40 year old. I tend to be competitive and the more info I have the better. I like that riders speed in the game is based on watts/kilo. What I don’t like is drafting. There is no air resistance in the game so why give a rider a boost for riding behind another rider or riding in a pack. I find that I will ride the same ride and have a higher average watts but a slower time and lower speed simply because I wasn’t drafting. When there are a lot of riders on a route you get a boost from drafting even if you are not trying.to.