Old hardware, what is possible and what is not?

So i’m looking at a few old servers from work, and i’m thinking about maby bringing one home for a dedicated zwift machine, leaving my gaming rig alone so that i don’t have to deal with windows updates and drivers messing with my training.
My question is as follows:

Fujitsu PRIMERGY TX1330 M1 with a “sandy bridge” xeon cpu
Server mobo with open ended 8x PCI-E 3.0 slots
Could it run zwift at 1080p 60 with a dedicated GPU?
If so; What GPU should i pair it with?
I don’t want to “future proof” it so i won’t be needing RTX cards or anything… it was originally going to be used as a NAS but i think it can do both…

Let me hear your thoughts or experiences! :slight_smile: