Windows Sever 2012 and Zwift

I had completely migrated away from Windows and have been relying on an old MacBook Pro. I really want to keep using Zwift and have plenty of hardware that unfortunately runs Linux. I was considering buying Windows Server 2012 and using Desktop Experience on an 8-core AMD with modern video card and 32gb RAM. Hopefully this would keep me rolling without the need for any updates for a while. Does anyone have any experience using Server as a desktop?

Hi Peter,

I’ve have a Macbook Pro and that’s the machine i use to run Swift.

It run perfectly…   Have you try yours?



I was running Zwift on a $3000 late 2013 15" retina MBP with 16GB ram and a GeForce GT 650M and it was running ok…

Recently built up a $600 custom gaming PC with a Core i3 3.8 GHz, 8 GB DDR4 RAM, 256 GB Sata III SSD, and a GeForce 950 GTX and all I can say is WOW!

Take a look…


Thanks Steph. My MacBook Pro is circa 2009 and only has 256gb GPU. It works but on my 50" Plasma it is too laggy. Sometimes bikes will come by without riders or the riders spin circles in front of my. It is usable but I am a little spoiled by some of the high end gaming rigs I have used and would love to use Zwift on one of them.

Thanks Michael. The gaming rig I plan to use is light years ahead of my MBP and I imagine you MBP is even better than mine. I’m glad to hear you noticed a substantial improvement with the upgrade. If you did it using Windows Server 2012, that would make me even happier.  I’m just not excited about buying a full Windows install just to run one program on a computer in my man-cave. The server version should be rock stable and available for $39.

Yes, the cost of a Windows 7/8/10 license isn’t $39…

but I would suspect Zwift will run on Windows Server 2012 R2. Good luck!