Ok what is an ok wheel with the new rolling resistance?

I understand there is now rolling resistance that effects you time based on the terrain. I don’t race and I just use Zwift to train. Is there a tire that is a good comprise for the new rolling resistance. I really don’t see myself change tires for every ride. Also, the way I read several of the posts it seemed there was a mountain bike option. I looked through the store and I could not find a mountain bike frame. Could someone point me in the right direction for mountain bikes. Thanks

At the moment, the only available MTB set up is the unlock from the Steering Test Course, but there will be more in the future!

For a start, at the present time all of the wheels, except for the mountain bike wheel, have the same rolling resistance. So, unless you’re in the MTB it doesn’t really matter which wheelset you choose.

As for obtaining the MTB: you cannot get this in the Drop Shop. You have to ride the Repack Ridge MTB course in Titans Grove within a certain amount of time and with a certain amount of accuracy (to receive a minimum number of stars, sort of like in a Zwift workout). What do you mean by ‘accuracy’ you say? Well, Repack Ridge involves steering (turning your front wheel) in order to negotiate the turns along the trail. Alternatively, you can hold you phone/tablet/whatever you’re running the Zwift Companion app on and just tilt it to achieve the steering effect.

To get to the Repack Ridge course choose a route like Muir and the Mountain and just before you get to the reverse KOM (not long after you pass Jarvis the bear trying to get the beehive) you’ll get a directional pop up on the screen with options of KOM and “??” Choose the ?? And you’ll be taken off on a side path and given some directions on how to make it all work.

Good luck!

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Thanks Nigel.

Thanks Seth.