Notifications won't go away after reading them

In Companion App for Android my list of notifications is increasing with no way to remove them. I’ve clicked them to open each one, deleted the app, cleared the cache and data, all to no avail. Getting a little fed up with it. Anyone have a way to delete them? TIA

Hi Matt, welcome to Zwift. They could be the notifications Zwift sends to the OS, in which case you need to wipe down from the top of the screen and clear them from there. Note this is outside the app.

Hi Richard, thanks for the reply. I have no notifications in the OS, only in Zwift Companion.

OK I know where you mean now. The way they go for me is click Menu(3 bars top left) then Notifications, back to home and all bar 2 of mine cleared. I don’t know how to clear them all other than Menu-Settings>Notifications and switch the lot off.

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Are you referring to the notification at the notification flag.

I found if you click on that flag and slowly scroll down the message background will turn from white to light gray and the notification will go away.

I just cleared mine from 90 unread.


You can also click the flag then where it shows all the notifications swipe down from the top (of the notification window not the phone itself) and it will automatically “clear” all unread notifications.

OK. I’ve updated the app to 3.11.0 and it still doesn’t work right. This morning, about 5 hours ago, there were zero notifications. Now there are 5 and the newest is 19 hours old. I open the top 10 anyway and there is still 5. Where do they come from when you don’t have any newer ones??? We REALLY need a button on this that says, “Mark All Read” like most other forums have. Right now I just look at the ones I know are new and sometimes it’ll go to 0 for unknown reasons, sometimes it won’t (like now). I mostly just ignore it hoping somebody at Zwift will eventually fix this thing.