Not seeing Chat or Ride Ons? Alone in the world? [July 2021]

Zwift will be upgrading our server infrastructure this Thursday September 30 2021 and that will have no undue effects on the vast majority of players.

However, players still using Zwift game version 1.15.x and older will see weird behavior until you update the Zwift app. Are you not receiving chat messages or RideOns from friends that you know are sending them?

Do you find yourself riding alone in the world? Other symptoms may include not seeing invitations to Meetups, or not seeing your event when it’s about to start.

Please follow the instructions in our Support Hub to manually update the Zwift game app.

What would cause the game app to not self-update?

  • Never exiting the Zwift app fully. While it may be convenient to leave it running, this creates problematic situations like this. Please save & exit Zwift after each session.
  • macOS users: please be certain that ZwiftLauncher.exe is pinned to your dock and not ZwiftApp.exe. One of the launcher app’s roles is to keep Zwift up to date, and you lose that function if you bypass it.
  • macOS and Windows users: Zwift won’t update itself if you’ve manually removed ZwiftLauncher.exe from the folder that also contains ZwiftApp.exe. To fix this - please follow the Support Hub instructions for Re-Installing Zwift
  • iOS / AppleTV / Android users: when a new version is released, you should see a message alerting you to it. Do not bypass this message and get the latest version from the Apple App Store or the Google Play store.