Not saving activity

After the last update on my iPad Zwift is not saving my activity anymore. I push the button, everything seems to work but when I check the activity feed I can see only the activity up to 16/04/2024. I tried cancelling and downloading again the app but nothing changed.

Hello @Giulio_De_Bortoli welcome to Zwift forums.
Shuji at Zwift HQ here.

Where are you looking for this activity? In Zwift Companion’s activity feed? Your web page activity feed? ZwiftPower race results? Maybe Strava, Garmin Connect, or a third party site that syncs your ride data?

Your profile privacy is set to “public” so I can see in the Companion app that your rides are saving through April 16, so I’m not sure where it is not saving your activity?

Hi, everywhere I look (Zwift site, Companion, Strava…) I can’t see my last activity. I made also a couple of tests and at the end of the activity when I press the button to save the app seems to be saving before normally closing but it does nothing. It never happened in many years I use Zwift.

Thanks for the added info. Two things I discovered by looking at your server logs from today’s activity:

  1. You had logged in from your iPad8,7 twice, without logging out in between. The server can interpret that as your first session is still open when you logged in the second time, and all sorts of weird issues can happen, including this one where a completed ride is not recognized.

This is more likely to happen on mobile devices because we are in the habit of swiping an app into the background, where we don’t do that on a laptop. To prevent this - ALWAYS end your Zwift session by saving-and-existing (or trashing-and-exiting) than force-close the Zwift app. Force-closing is not the same as backgrounding.

  1. It appears that you were troubleshooting on your own by doing some very short rides (0.8 km and 1.0 km). Those will not show up. For activities to save - you must ride 2 km or run 0.8 km for activites to upload and save to your activity feed.

Usually I always close the app by discarding it because I know that it is better. I didn’t know there was a minimum distance for registering. Tomorrow I will try again and see if it works with a normal lap. Thanks for your assistance

Hi @Giulio_De_Bortoli, Besides the support already received, I want to add this article with additional useful information that can help to prevent partial Activities or issues as the one reported.