Not listed Trainer and Bontrager Speed Cadence

Here is the issue. I set up my trainer as unlisted. The Speed and Cadence sensor is un listed. I am using a mountain bike with road tires and would like to simulate my speed but once I get to a hill the speed is 2mph. Is the sensor too far away from the computer? 

Hi John,

A ‘Not Listed’ trainer is capped to 400watts and will not give you an accurate reading because we do not have the correct power curve for it (hence why it’s Not Listed).

The only way to get proper power data is to either wait until we do support the trainer or pick up one that is supported (or a power meter), unfortunately.

Can I ask which trainer you are currently using?

Giant Cycl-o-tron mag 


can you try choose Elite Fluid Red Roller

power curve giant :

power curve elite power fluid :

Finished a 30 min ride with a trainer I thought would work and it did increase the power / wattage but there was nothing I could do for hills. I read somewhere yesterday I could press the + or - key to change the resistance level…dunno.


I just now switched to the elite power fluid and there is a noticeable difference. More wattage, riders are not passing me constantly, and the ride is more immersive. Thank you. 

I may still mess around and tweak settings so as to make it more compatible with a mountain bike. I figure 15 to 18 mph is a good speed to look for. I shouldn’t be going 25-30 mph unless I have a road bike and a better heart.