Which trainer to select for CycleOps Jet Fluid Pro

Just upgraded my graphics card to be able ti use Zwift and wow what a difference with the proper hardware.


I’m using an older Jet Fluid Pro, which isn’t listed in the list of trainers.

Which one is the closest in profile that I should use?

I tried the Fluid 2 I think, but even maxed out I couldn’t keep up with anyone…

Yeah I know I’m out of shape - doing rehab for a reconstructed ACL - but still… :slight_smile:

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Hi Michel,

I would choose “Not Listed” as each trainer needs its own, specific, virtual power curve. Unfortunately since it’s not supported none of the others will give you accurate power data and may, in fact, push you to become a “flier” in-game.

With the selection I had done I wasn’t a flier, I was more a submariner :slight_smile:

Thanks I’ll try the not listed option on the next ride.

Hi Zwift team, any plan to add Jet Fluid Pro trainer in future? I have tried all cyclops models including not listed, not happy, all gave me over power by 1.5~2 times power… or is there any other trainer profiles you can suggest to tune down my power in the game? thanks

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Hello all.  I love the Zwift interface and virtual model, but I need some help if I’m going to pay for this service.  I have a Cycleops Jet Fluid Pro as well, with the “quick lock cam lever” (not the turn knob style). I also have Garmin’s Cadence and Speed meters installed.  Mine clearly is not calculating speed correctly, particularly when I go up hills.  Up hills, I can never go above 3-4mph, and I’m pumping HARD , and getting smoked by others badly.  I’m guessing it’s calculating at about half speed?  So, in 30 minutes of riding, I’m lucky to log 5 to 6 miles, and working really hard.  Since these posts, have any of you found better results with other settings?  I really appreciate everyone’s help here!  Mike

Tried “not listed” tonight, but getting same results. Still can’t ever get much over 100 watts. Downhill speeds almost seem too fast, and uphill I still can’t go faster than 4mph. I’m getting smoked and I’m working my butt off. Appreciate your help.

I have the JetFluid Pro (with the two yellow knobs and the black plastic cowling) and choose the first CycleOps option in the list (Fluid 2).  I’m heavy (230 lbs) so don’t expect much more than 5mph or so on 8-9% hill climbs (producing about 250-300 Watts so working pretty hard).  Overall I’m quite satisfied with the power curve.  It seems competitive with my wife and friends whom I’m following, with them generally hurting me on the uphills and me producing better speed on the downhills and flats.  Jason

BTW make sure your tyres are nice and hard and that the roller is tight enough against the rear wheel so that there’s little squealing when you accelerate - seems to be more consistent for me that way.

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My old piece of junk trainer (Tacx Fortius) has finally died, so I am in the market for something new.  I like the idea of using my power meter while riding a fluid trainer, and Zwift. I was looking at the Jetfluid Pro.  How is it working out for everyone on Zwift? Have the issues been resolved?

Thanks for any recommendations.

As per: https://www.cycleops.com/page/support/cyclossary-glossary#powertuned  the only difference between the CycleOps Jet Fluid and CycleOps Jet Fluid Pro is in the frame.  The power curve is the same for both, so you should select CycleOps Jet Fluid if you have the CycleOps Jet Fluid Pro.

I had an issue with my bike on my last zwift ride and had to use my wife’s bike on my old Jet fluid pro today and having found this thread selected the regular jet fluid option since the pro isn’t listed. The power numbers were way off compared to what I am used to on the wahoo. I always found the resistance on my jet fluid pro to be really high and this definitely confirmed it. Maybe I have a bad cycleops unit but it is significantly harder to maintain the same speeds I can get on the road on it. Needless to say I was a good 90-100 watts lower at any given time on todays zwift ride compared to what I usually get on the wahoo for the same amount of effort.