Not enough Innsbruck?

I see an old 2018 post about too much Innsbruck, but I’m wanting to see it more!! :stuck_out_tongue: The Innsbruckring and UCI course are brilliant workouts!

I agree!
Innsbruck is one of my favorites, it’s not on the calendar enough.
I don’t venture out of Watopia, London or Innsbruck much, occasionally France or Yorkshire.

Start a short workout, set it for Innsbruck then quit the workout and free ride. :wink:

Or create a club with yourself as the sole member, create a group ride and quit the event as soon as you leave the pens. :blush:

Or don’t quit the event if you’re feeling antisocial! :smile:

Or create a meetup with someone who doesn’t need to show up (I usually invite my wife), then quit the meetup as soon as it starts.