NordicTrack S22i Cadence - wireless or wired?

Brand new S22i, working with their tech support because Cadence does not work (no cadence reading at all).
I am an electronic design engineer so of course I am trying to figure this out with them.
I looked at the wiring on the control board, and the cadence sensor appears to go ONLY to the on-board radio chip. Bluetooth or similar. It does not seem to be wired up to the monitor.
Does anyone know for sure if that’s true (please avoid “I think” answers).
I am asking because Nordic has sent a new reed sensor (which I already told them was working) and a new control board, with no luck.
Now they are sending a new wiring harness. If the cadence is sent wireless then this harness if of no use and I don’t want to take the time / trouble to install it.
I have 90 days warranty with Amazon so I am going to be deciding real soon whether to just return it.
Thanks in advance.

I can’t answer your question but what i can say as a NordicTrack owner is that I wouldn’t hold out any hype of support resolving your issue.

In 2 years of ownership I’ve now spent 5 months waiting for replacement parts.