No view on MotoG6Plus

(L Azy Pete Wbr) #1

Hi, been testing Zwift for Android on my MotoG6Plus, which supposedly is in the ‘runs ok’ list.

I’ve not tried pairing up etc, as usually use an apple TV, however I have found it useful to tweak settings etc as needed.

Main problem is when I log in and either proceed without pairing or ‘Just watch’ I see the list of riders, distances and moving tags etc, with sound, but have yet to see any actual in game footage - just an either black or red backdrop. Would make actually using it fairly impractical !

Hope that’s useful.



(Tso) #2

This seems to be the same problem I’m having : Android Update of 2018-12-03: The background (landscape, road, avatar) is black

It was working until the update from Dec. 3rd. Hopefully, this will be fixed soon.