Android app disappointment

(Hawki Doug Humble) #1

I just started using Zwift. I am using the app on an Apple TV and I have downloaded the Companion app for my Android phone. On some of the educational videos I have watched the “activities” (turn, wave, view, camera functions, etc.) buttons on their own page, but on my Android app they are smaller and at the bottom of the current “performance page”. Putting them on their own page would make the buttons larger and make it much easier to use/push them as I am riding. Besides, the performance info is shown on my Apple TV screen and is redundant. I was told by Zwift that this is not an option in the Android app. I ask them to please consider this option in a future enhancement to the app. They also, sent me to this forum to see what everyone else’s opinion was on this subject. What do you guys think???

(Eric C. (Zwift HQ)) #3

Those videos show an old version of the App - they were on their own page before. Funny enough, we had many complaints about them being on a completely different page from where all their information was.

(Hawki Doug Humble) #4

OK, so if you ask 12 people’s opinion, you get 12 different opinions. Geeze. The current way is probably better for users without a TV screen in front of them. Just wish we had it as an option for either or.