No Spring Training series group sessions on Sundays?

Why is this?

Maybe they were removed from the schedule because they arent giving anyone credit for completion?

no… same thing all thru next week. Stage 2 offered every day except sunday. Stage 3 same thing.

Guess they found religion :wink:

Makes no sense, why is it always something with these events? I just went to complete it and found no group rides. This is silly …

You can always donor from the workout folder…

I did, and it didn’t give me credit for the ride as a Spring Training ride yet. My point was if you announce a series like this, have group rides for the whole period. I enjoy doing the rides with others, that’s the main reason I even use Zwift.

Hey everyone,

Oversight on our part sorry.

We’ve reinstated events for Sundays.

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Awesome thanks! I assumed it was something to do with technical reason w/ overlapping time zones or somesuch.