No speed at all

I have Garmin HR and cadence sensor
Wheel size 700x25c
Trainer cyclops supermagneto pro, sure I am at setting 2 {road} as is requested by zwift
On game 0 % elevation

At screen cadence 80
Hr at 110
Wats 10
Speed 0 or 1 kms by hour

At Garmin
Hr 110
Cadence 80
Speed 20 kms x hour

So in the game my avatar is nt moving I have to push very hard to move it a 100w

My size is 176 cms weight 87 kg

Photos are at 90 cadence 30 kms x hour Garmin in the screen 80w 14 kms x house flat route

I made the same test in rouvy of cycle ops same settings no elevation at
Cadence 80
Hr 110
0% elevation
Speed at game was 17 kms x hour
Power 60 to 65

In my garmin speed was 22 kmxs x hour.

I really think something is wrong in my zwift configuration because is impossible to go at 1 kms with those numbers

You cannot compare the speed within Zwift to what is showing on your Garmin, the Garmin doesn’t know about the virtual elevation changes.

Double check that you selected the correct wheel size, and correct trainer, your air pressure is correct, try a new battery and also make sure that the magnet is in the proper position.

Not expecting to be the same, for that I made the same test in rouvy and is totally different the result, in real life also I move faster than 1 km x hour o those conditions.

I will be testing on these days

Please stop misrepresenting yourself as working for Zwift, also please keep replies civil and on topic.

Sorry Paul …am I not " one of us here at Zwift" please correct me if I’m wrong .I’m only trying to stop people asking awkward questions

You’re being a troll

Not at all, just want enjoy like you, I will make more test today following recommendations. At the end you have to pay so you need to be sure you will enjoy and it not going to be a frustrating experience.

I am sharing all the evidence asking for help and you only see defensive answers, don’t know why, also that talk bad about the community

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Dont worry Antonio,nobody is calling you a troll,the troll in this and other threads is “Fred”,something is wrong with your setup i cant help as im not familiar with that setup,at 100w you should move faster than 10km/h on a flat section.Ride on!

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Thanks a lot for the help, I followed your instructions, put pressure at 120 psi, review my trainer configuration again and yes is my mistake, it was set in Mountain, after adjust I try in flat route and work much much better, at cruise speed 3 to5 kms less than my garmin so it is totally razonable, lower in elevation of 2% and faster than my garmin in 2 to 3 kms in - 1% or - 2%

Nevertheless not sure because it seems now power is to high, don’t know what is normal but at 30kms by hour I was around 150w-165w., putting all my effort I reach 300w not sure is ok or not never worked in watts before.

I add some screenshots for your comments
At 100w my speed on Garmin 29 to 30kms and in zwift 26 kms seems to be more accurate what do you think?



Speed within Zwift for your setup is calculated in the following: Rear wheel speed and power curve of the trainer you selected are converted into watts, with those watts, the weight you entered within Zwift, height entered, in-game bike used, in-game drafting and virtual elevation changes (going up inclines your in-game speed will go down and going down your speed will increase).

The speed which is displayed on your Garmin will rarely match what is displayed within Zwift.

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Yes I know, now it seems works more according to expected is time too look at the app features, training sessions, and interactions with other people. Thanks a lot.

What feature do you recommend me to fall in love of the app?