No result due to heart rate strap failure

I didnt get any result for Chasing Tour | Chasing Saxo that i participated in at 6 pm PCT on 3/22/24 due to a failure of my heart rate strap to connect. On a positive note i was also wearing my garmin watch which records my heart rate 24x7 and then displays the information as part of my daily summary. The down side is that, at least based on what garmin is saying so far, there is no process for downloading this daily summary. I could download the activity, (race), but since it came from zwift, it only includes the bad heart rate data. Any suggestions on how i can get this addressed so i can get my ranking and points from this race? One thing i could do is manually edit the max and average heart rate in garmin connect and then download/upload the new fit file, but i am not sure if that would be seen as legitimate. In my opinion the screenshot provides a better verification.

you can contact the organiser of that series and he can reinstate you manually at his own discretion. he’s not obligated to, but he is able to. I don’t know if the race description for this series has contact details in it, but I understand the series has it’s own page/discord somewhere

Thanks for the advice! i am on their discord and actually posted there first. They had suggested reaching out to zwiftpower though to be fair i initially had not fully explained the issue. I am hopeful they can resolve from their end.

if you mean that there is no result for you in the “unfiltered” tab on ZP, then that is possibly a zwiftpower issue. it would be difficult for him to reinstate you if there is no DQ tag to reverse… i’ve had two situations before where that’s happened to me, and witnessed a couple of others and from what I understand there is not much that can be done about that. in my own experiences i was able to resolve things with the organisers and get credited from the organisers by the data i was able to provide in both cases, but the zp results were lost to time

edit: you will, however, still have an available activity for the date under your “activies” tab on zp. you can download that fit file and provide it to the organiser and possibly a strava link

Looks like a normal DQ that the organizer can certainly fix if they want to. Many/most organizers will do that given any evidence at all.

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It would be helpful to be able to change or re-pair a HRM without your avatar coming to a halt.

indeed, i saw it fail moments before the race started but didnt have time to mess with it prior to the race start and was hoping it would reconnect at some point. being able to view connections while in motion would have been useful in this case.

i feel like i might be missing something here, but i guess it isn’t important. if the organiser hasn’t given you a clear and explicit reason for not wanting to manually reverse your DQ yet, i’m sure he’ll be willing to do that if you ask. now, taking everything at face value, for future reference: as long as you are able to pair something before the event, it should - i have no reason to believe otherwise - remain paired for the whole event. even if you were to take it off to change a battery or charge it for a few minutes. I’ve done this personally with both chest strap and optical HRMs. it can happen to anybody, it’s never been an issue.

what I don’t recommend doing though is attempting to manually edit a fit file to show an organiser or, really, doing anything without being entirely up front and direct about it. the sentiment here is: when in doubt, contact the organiser

Thanks for your feedback! The organizer did reply to my first message though their response was to upload the activity’s .fit file to zwiftpower, which as previously discussed, without editing, would not be accurate. I reached out to them again with additional clarification, and verification, (the screenshot at the start of the thread), but havent received any more replies.

ah, i hear you now. just upload the inaccurate activity file as it is, explain the situation, and he’ll probably understand. keep the stuff i said in mind going forward though, as editing fit files is, as far as i know, not tolerated among community race organisers. a hrm running out of battery though is generally no problem

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