Not getting results posted?

When I do an event like Tour of Watopia, some results are not posted in Zwift power. When I look at the actual results, weight, age, avg heart rate, max heart rate and height are blank?

Not sure why? Had heart surgery 2 years ago and my threshold is 20 beats lower. Used to be 150. Now 130. So most races my heart rate is in the 120’s. Could this be why?

I use a hr monitor during events as heart rate and cadence are both displayed, but do not show up in the results?

Thx! Skip Donnelly

Hi Skip,

If you go to your settings page on ZwiftPower, do you have the top tick box selected?

Thank you! I do now! We’ll see if that works on my next race?

Skip Donnelly
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Did an event today and it works! Thx again!!!