No record of lap times in a set course?

I’ve just got back into using Zwift. I just completed the same circuit, once a day for 3 days. After I finish a circuit i will keep riding for 5-10minutes to cool down. Why is zwift only recording the total time i spent cycling in a session and no record or the actual lap time for the set course? i have no way of comparing my times from the last 3 days. Am I missing something or is this a missing feature?

As per what I know this feature is not available into Zwift.

If you pay for Strava Account, you will be able to compare your effort on Zwift circuits.

If you perform ride or race, your best time will be available on zwiftpower

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I am also not sure Zwift provides route time analysis from free riding mode.

I agree Strava is a good way to go. I only have FREE Strava version so don’t think I can compare rides against each other but I can see route & segment times for each ride.

I’m not sure what set up you use on Zwift but I use laptop for viewing my ride and have the Zwift Companion App on my IPad. The Zwift CA has many benefits but two, in relation to your question, are for taking screenshots as you complete your route, thereby saving your elapsed route time, and also for viewing my ride activity after the event.

As well as looking at my own ride activity the ride activity of everyone who has a public setting is also available. So if I am able to see your 4 rides of the Ocean Lava Cliffside Loop you should also be able to see them on your Ride Activity timeline section.
The 11.80 mile route (sorry miles for me in UK) took you
And just now 39:23 - Good Ride :muscle:

I’ve got the Zwift companion app, sorry i’m confused as to where you found the actual completion times for the circuit? i’m still only seeing the total time i was in the game, not when i crossed the finish line of Ocean Lava cliffside loop. how did you get to my finish times?

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The best is to link Zwift with Strava (the free version) then you can see segment times for all routes you ride. Just like riding outside.

Your ride Timeline from yesterday.

When looking at your ‘Activities’ you can swipe across and see Timeline, swipe again and see Power Distribution swipe again and see Heart Rate Distribution.

When on Timeline you can move the line to any time point or distance point you want (IMO not always possible to get exact times and distances). Here I have moved it to 11.80 miles, the Zwiftinsider distance for the route.

No worries. I’ll download strava and give that a go. I can see how you got the time there, so short term i’ll do that. Just seems so odd, that a program that’s popular and been around a while, you chose a set circuit to go and ride, and it can’t give you a straight up finish time. appreciate your help


I agree, it would be a much better experience if users could access a list of their times for every completed route. It should be front and center whenever you start or finish a route that you have done before. That would be great motivation.

Every forum post where the answer is “go to Strava” or “go to Zwift hacks” is essentially saying “leave the Zwift universe to get what you need” - that is user engagement left on the table.l


Exactly. like it gives you a set distance and course, a bar graph that tells you exactly how much you have left for your circuit during your race, a bloody finish line, then doesn’t record your time anywhere.

Zwift is the best place to get the riging done. But Strava is the place to do all the analysis. Same as in real life.

Zwift should focus on making riding fun and safe and leave the data processing to the programs that does it best.

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What we’re talking about here isn’t analysis any more than Zwift showing PRs is analysis. It’s just storing some trivial counters and displaying them. Plus if it motivates riders and increases their enjoyment of the game, that should be bread and butter to a Zwift product manager.

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I understand your comment. But where does it stop, some want lap times others peak 20min power or times up the alpe or tss per week or average power per lap.

All these can be done in 3rd party apps that is really good at it.

It stops when the cost of developing the feature doesn’t yield enough additional engagement. In other words it never stops, it just requires good choices about what to work on. This feature we’re talking about seems uncomplicated and desirable to a huge number of users, far more than the number of users who want TSS but don’t already use a training app that tells them TSS.

The ask for TSS currently has 7 votes. TSS Recorded for Each Ride / Race / Workout?

This has zero votes.

So it seems that they should focus on TSS first.

I think they should not spend any effort on data analytics als leave it to the other software that does a awesome job with it. But that’s my 2 cents.

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Sorry to keep beating this horse but I’m pretty sure this is faulty reasoning. The forum is a narrow and specific slice of the Zwift user base, including racers, enthusiasts, people with gripes, and people experiencing usability problems. Forum votes won’t represent the majority of generally happy Zwift users who don’t care about the forum - they just want to enjoy riding and running indoors. I think those are the people who would be best served by the feature we’re discussing, and they’re probably a very large portion of all users. They would have to be surveyed some other way, and their response measured some other way.

As for things to do first, how about expanding the 30-day timeframe for PRs that are actually already recorded and shown in the game, that one has a mere 1041 votes: Personal Records (PR) - option to select beyond 30-day timeframe

The trouble with functionalities like the one proposed here is that most people who want to do something like that, probably also want to do something similar for outdoor rides (and other platforms, as applicable) as well. Doing something Zwift-specific seems a bit redundant and might in the end not be all that popular. (Fwiw, I have a bit of the same feeling when it comes to all the social graph functionality in Zwift as well, but at least those parts are already there and function well as they are.)


[quote=“Anna Ronkainen [AEO], post:16, topic:583459, full:true, username:Anna_Ronkainen”]
As for things to do first, how about expanding the 30-day timeframe for PRs that are actually already recorded and shown in the game, that one has a mere 1041 votes: Personal Records (PR) - option to select beyond 30-day timeframe

This is also a great idea for development - a “crowd pleaser” type of feature. And route PRs are no different from any other PRs in the game. All of them would increase motivation, and I’d love to see both route PRs and KOM/sprint PRs before and after rides. I won’t go to Strava for these things, I won’t sift through screenshots, I just want to pick another Zwift ride and go without extra work or leaving the game.

I find most of the criticisms here quite trivial, and missing my point. To much for programmers to fit in with no benifit? its recording a finish time not building a rocket. The data storage for this would be negligible. And yes why are PR’s only valid for 30 days? I don’t know of any program or game, racing or otherwise, that sets out a circuit with perscribed distance, elavation and finish line and can’t record a finish time. I feel a programmer could write the code for this on the back of napkin on his lunch break. i currently write down my circuit finish times as they happen on a white board like its 1994. it shouldn’t be up to 3rd party programs to fill in basic functions.

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