no other riders

I Had the problem yesterday… riding alone with 2 to 4 rider on the richmond map when everyone else are in the island

Tryed this morning and it’s was working with everyone in richmond !

Problem fixed for me but it’s was weird

I was able to solve the “no other riders” problem on my setup by changing the firewall settings on my cable modem (not the laptop or the router, but the cable modem itself). I didn’t even know the cable modem HAD firewall capabilities!

The modem I use is a Motorola/Arris which is quite common in the States.

Thanks - yup, had techie friend lead me through the process of opening the ports on my modem…  

The no rider problem is intermittent - most of the time I can see everyone.  Which makes me wonder if it’s a traffic bottleneck - either on the Zwift servers or my ISP…

I, too, have noticed that, occasionally, all of the riders around me and the leaderboard listings, disappear for a few seconds. 

Doesn’t happen too often and it’s only for a few seconds at a time (I ride pretty much every day).

There are so many different variables in play, both on the Zwift end and the User end, it’s a mystery to me that it works as well as it (usually) does!

I think I have figured it out…  After trying several things that didn’t work (turning off the firewall on both the modem and Norton, re-installing Zwift, port forwarding, using a direct cable to modem, checking internet speed (1G per sec), updating drivers etc.) - the thing that seemed to work was changing my PC’s date.    I noticed that every Sat. morning (6:30 am EST) I’d be the only rider (or 1 or 2 others would pop up on the course)…  So, I set the date back a day, and presto, there were the 600+ other riders.  I hope this fix might help some others that are intermittently riding solo.

Hi, where is the log file on a Windows 10 system?


Thank you

I solved this problem by changing my router settings to “minimum security.” As soon as I hit “save” on the settings I heard the sweet sound of other cyclists around me and saw a whole bunch of other riders. Like magic! What a fun training system when you finally get it to work like it should.

If any of you are still having connection issues, you can do the following: 

Step 1:  Check out our Knowledge Base as we may have already answered your question there:

Step 2:  If nothing there helps, please submit a support ticket:

Generally speaking our servers are very reliable. We monitor their availability 24/7. Zwift can run on minimal bandwidth but what it does require is a steady and reliable connection. The broadband modem is often the culprit. 


Its comforting to know that I am not the only one that has this issue.  In my case it appears to be Wifi performance.  The Wifi card in my Alienware Alpha just seems much more susceptible to interference than my other devices.  I just need some motivation to run wired Ethernet to the basement

Here is a potential solution:

Thanks Eric, I know some folks have had success with the Powerline network products but it did not work for me.  The units connected but the speed was terrible (below 1Mbps).  My home wiring is 50 years old so I attributed it to noise. 

Useful thread. I just tried connecting with my MacBook over hotel wifi and saw no other riders. I have enabled Cloak (, other VPNs are available) and it works OK through that. This is a dummy run for bringing my bike and trainer to stay with me next week :slight_smile: