No more Zwift Trainer? But please focus on getting good Zwift experience

I understand that that cool Tron like trainer project is put on hold. Really feel bad about this as I have been in a situation where the project was cancelled. We work so hard to the goal.

I have been enjoying Zwift. The best aspects of this are the socialness and I made several new friends from all over that share the same passion. From this aspect, reaching out (DM-ing) to people between riding session has been difficult so please improve the messaging aspect of it, or even just have an ability to integrate more tightly to Discord with the Club feature.

I also like the training programs on Zwift and also more recently supports for lower level (D/D-) riders. There are many of us out there just to stay in shape, not going for competitions.

And Makrui rides are very entertaining. A lot more sophistication in graphic designs. I do appreciate and often stop the bike and look around.

Overall, back to core software development focus is something many of us will welcome too.

I am a little relieved the Zwift trainer project was put on hold for now. One of the great things about Zwift is to “bring what you have” to enjoy the application. I know that proves to be challenging for the developers since they are trying to support so many different trainers, multiple op systems/generations; while working on a more immersive experience.

If the Zwift trainer becomes a reality, like it or not, Zwift would drift to prioritize future enhancements for their hardware. The experience with other trainers could lag. An extreme example is Peloton. I rode my sister’s Peloton bike while visiting her, wanted to explore it’s environment more when I was home. I downloaded their app to use with my smart trainer. It was like being given the keys to a sports car but being told it can’t go over 30 kph, the a/c doesn’t work, and only the passenger door opens. Their app was tailored to their hardware, and even though my trainer and sensors can send data to their app, it disregards it. I’d be afraid this would happen with Zwift as rising costs mean less resources for development, we’d see throttled down performance for non-Zwift hardware.

I’ll add that expanding the DM’ing capabilities do sound nice, but there needs to be a robust way to opt out of that. Not everyone is using Zwift for the social aspect, or feel comfortable with that type of access.