No green jersy for winning sprint

hi iv’e been on a couple of the new coastal routes in meet up mode and won some sprints but never been credited with a green jersey any one else found this?

I don’t believe sprint jersey is awarded during a meet-up ride. [Edit - Not Correct]

I always believed/thought the Jersey was handed out to the one who had the fastest time in the segment from all the people at that time.

So the fastest time from people in free-rides, several races, meetups, group rides etc. all combined

Because sometimes in races you don’t see the green jersey for the fastest sprinter in the race, because somebody in a free ride is wearing it.

Don’t know if this is true though

Re meet-ups I have no evidence, read it on a forum post however now seen another post where @Gerrie_Delport_ODZ says he had sprint jersey in meet-up ride. Maybe he will confirm jersey position in meet-ups.

Also found this information on Zwift FAQ

Event Effects on Segments and Jerseys

If you’re in a race/group ride, the timer for segments won’t show up, but you can still place on the leaderboards. If you win a jersey while in an event, you will see it when the event ends if you still hold the place. If you enter an event with a segment jersey, you will see that jersey the whole event, even if you lose it, unless the event has a specific jersey set.”

I don’t think I have ever managed to win a jersey in an event but I did manage to sneak a jersey obtained in warm up into a race once. Did have sprinters green jersey on at the start of the race.

I’m sure I’ve won green jerseys in meet-ups before where it was just the meet up view, because at 70 years old it’s the only way I’m ever going to win one :wink::joy:

Steve - rethink on my part.

You did win a jersey on 6th October in France. I suspect, as Ronald, suggested during the meet-up you set the fastest sprint segment time out of everyone who had ridden the segment in that hour. That is the fastest time of everyone not just beating the person in your meet-up (that’s where my thought process went wrong initially).

On 6th October France was not on the world rotation and is not that popular a world. I don’t wish to be unkind (I’m 64 so know how being old feels when sprinting) but possibly there had not been many riding the French segment that hour.

Your last few meet-ups have been on the very new and very popular coastal routes - Almost no chance of a sprint jersey at our age.

Ah ok Ian thanks for that, you’re not being unkind just telling it how it is thanks for taking the time to clarify this. I’ll be extra proud next time I win one now :wink::joy::joy:

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I can confirm that FAQ from personal experience in both scenarios.

If you are in a meetup and post the fastest meetup time on a sprint that is still slower than the current fastest time on the overall board, you will not get the jersey and won’t be able to see why until the meetup ends. If you beat the current fastest time on the overall board, you should get the jersey in the meetup, and if you still have it when the meetup ends, you’ll see the jersey, and the next time you pass the sprint, you’ll see your name on the board.

You can also lose the jersey in the same way: if you post the fastest overall time from within a meetup, and someone outside the meetup beats your time, you’ll lose the jersey and be unable to see why until you exit the meetup and pass that sprint again.

Note that some meetups require you to wear a specific jersey (Herd meetups, for example); in those meetups, you won’t be wearing the green jersey until the meetup ends, but you will see the jersey icon as you would outside the meetup (normal green jersey if you’re still on the course that includes the sprint in that direction, green jersey with U-turn symbol if the sprint is in the other direction on your course, no jersey if you are between courses or if you’re on a course that doesn’t include the sprint; note that “course” in this case is hard to define since it isn’t necessarily the course chosen for the meetup, but more like the course Zwift thinks you are on for the particular segment you’re in).