No Footpod on latest version (v40)

Zwift footpod was connecting fine last week on previous version. Updated to Version v40 1.0.32984, now the footpod doesn’t show up on the pairing&searching screens.

Phone is Samsung Galaxy A5 (2017). Tried turning BT on/off, unpair&pair footpod, re-installed Zwift. Also checked the footpod connection in another App (Samsung SmartThings paired, Strava paired and received data).

Any ideas or similar problems since update?

It seems I got it to re-connect; With the footpod unpaired in the phone settings, Energy&Battery optimization turned off for Zwift.
Curiously, Zwift forgets the footpod as soon as it looses focus (i.e. even jumping to the app/window selection screen in Android).