@DavidP or @shooj please forward this to get it fixed ASAP
Today during our VirtuSlo Race on Three Sisters Route we went up Radio Tower…as soon as we turned LEFT on SNOW Road there was almost no DRAFT on descents.

Draft at 36.1km/h is at 93W this is OK

Draft at 45.9km/h is 33W this is when you start descent on SNOW before the climb.

Here is the stream link you can see on the Descent from Radio Tower there is almost no Draft.

@DavidP this is also something i don’t understand. Rider behind me ‘‘Matelic’’ is doing 0.0Wkg…he’s stoped in my draft and you can see me always pedalling and then out of nowhere he goes to supertuck and just rides away…you can see my speed drop from 71 do 69km/h when he hits me from behind.
What’s going on here? I haven’t had this problems in PD4.1?

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Calm down Dejan, this doesn’t look like something urgent with capital letters :slight_smile:

First of all, it’s important to highlight that draft is calculated the same regardless of where you are on Zwift. From radio tower to downtown Crit City. So if there was a problem it would be everywhere.
It’s also important to highlight that the value that Sauce shows is “draft savings” and not raw or absolute draft, so it’s the amount of power saved from draft.

What I see in video 1 seems to be normal, however you are being “tricked” by the visual distance between you and the rider in front. At those extreme slopes (-12% or more), that kind of gap looks small but it’s not that small, and those values of draft savings seem normal given the distance to the rider in front.
The only part I see that doesn’t look good, is the visual lag between you getting below 10w of savings (without pedalling) that triggers the super tuck, while it still looks you are behind the rider in front. I don’t have any concrete explanation for that, aside from possible lag between the physics processing and graphics rendering at those speeds (?)

As for video 2. I also don’t see anything out of the ordinary. It looks like you lose 2km/h when the other rider approaches, but for me it seems that you just lost a bit of momentum you had gained in the -12% slope a bit early, and that coupled with the very good draft that the rider behind got was enough for him to overtake. The acceleration he got coupled with the super tuck (that is very valuable at those speeds) was enough to open that gap.