Night Rider + HR issues + FPV camera angle with garmin edge


I’m having a lot of fun on zwift island but two things are bugging me.

It may be a coincidence, but I always seem to arrive on zwift island just before or just after sunset, meaning I have to ride most of my one hour rides entirely in the dark. While I appreciate the realism of changing light conditions and the beautiful sunrise over zwift island, I would like to ride in daylight once in a while. It would seem more realistic if daytime was at least three times as long as the night (e.g. 6 hours of dark and 18 hours of light) and this was reflected in the simulated time. Again, I may just have had bad luck, but after > 5 rides I’m starting to doubt this.

HR issues: I manually search for my ANT+ HR strap, I acquire the signal, but I consistently lose signal after a couple of minutes in the ride. This doesn’t happen with trainerroad on the same computer, and my edge 500 also doesn’t lose signal. Batteries are freshly installed so, I’m guessing this is some kind of software issue.

After these two issues, I’d like to post a suggestion: we have a lot of nice camera angles, but I’m missing a true first person angle in which we see the arms of the rider resting on the steering wheel. The advantage of this camera would also be that you could have a garmin edge on the steering wheel and have the collected metrics displayed on this virtual garmin device just like in real life. Since most cyclist are quite used to this interface, it would seem to make a lot of sense to have metrics like power, distance, HR, averages, etc… displayed on this virtual garmin. And off course, the garmin model (edge 500, 800, 510, 810, 1000) could depend on XP level or based on in app purchases…

+1 for the true FPV with bars and out in front. This is supposed to be ultra realistic after all.

Hi Dieter,

We’re working on making the day cycle longer than the night cycle for sure.

I’m curious about the HR strap. We have one in the office that never loses connection. Have you tried using a USB extension cord to bring the ANT+ dongle physically closer?