Newbie questions

(Bruce Weinstein) #1


Have done three rides so far.  My last ride was using a Vortex Smart trainer that I just purchased.

My questions are as follows…

How can I ensure that the Vortex is adjusting itself to the terrain in Zwift.  I did find the uphills required a little more force but did not feel anything substantial.  Is there something I can or should be doing to ensure the Vortex is working as expected with Zwift?

Is it better to get the Ant+ instead of using the Bluetooth with the iphone app?  I noticed the wattage on the iphone app was not same as what was in Zwift.  Wondering if not using the app as a bridge would improve the accuracy of the numbers.

I have a Wahoo Speed and Cadence sensor on my bike.  When doing my ride tonight Zwift did not show the cadence and heart rate.  However, my iphone bluetooth settings showed the SC and heart monitor as being connected.  Zwift did show the SC as being connected. Since Vortex is smart is it necessary to connect a speed sensor?  Maybe that is why Zwift did not display the RPMs? As for heart rate, not sure what happened there that Zwift did not see it during the workout.

Thanks for your time and look forward to your reply.




(Mark Hewitt) #2

It’s always better to use ANT+ direct to the PC then the phone isn’t in the way. The numbers might be a bit different because the game uses 3 second smoothing I don’t think the app does.

You should not connect a speed sensor with the Vortex Smart, only controllable trainer, make sure speed sensor is left unpaired.

If you want more resistance on the hills go to the settings in game and put trainer difficulty all the way to the right.

(Bruce Weinstein) #3

Mark Thanks for the reply.


Where in Zwift are you able to change the trainer difficulty?  I looked but could not seem to find it.

Thanks and I look forward to your reply.

(D Brower) #4

Slider in the settings.