Newbie Advice

Hi guys, pretty disappointed after doing my first FTP test yesterday. I’ve not been riding long (6 months) am overweight (88kg at 180cm height) and smoke a few mini cigars a day but I didn’t expect my FTP to be so low at 145W.

I only did the short FTP test but by the time I came to the test my legs were beat. Prior to that I hit all the stars on the workout easily enough.

Where should I go from here?

Thanks in advance.


Smoking and being fit are mutually exclusive, choose one or the other.

Lose weight.

Train hard.


Thanks Stuart, I used to smoke 20+ a day and lost 12kg last year so going well on those fronts.

It was more the training advice I was looking for. Should I just jump on the bike and do the hours / mileage or focus on some form of training plan? 


Keep up the good work!

Base fitness is important, which means steady miles on the bike for 2-3-4 hours rides at a sustainable effort.

Why not follow the beginner 12-week training plan on Zwift, that should see notable improvements.

Also check out GCN on Youtube, they have lots of good advice on training and numerous structured training videos you can use.

Base fitness is important, but can also be pretty boring, I think the most important thing is to keep it fun. Do some sprints, just play around and try to go 3, 4 times a week. You make more progress with 4 rides a week of an hour then with 1 long 1 in the weekend of 4 hours. When the moment arrives you notice you don’t make any progressieve anymore try to add some structure, but keep it fun :slight_smile:




Try following one of the workout plans on Zwift, should build up your FTP.

And stop smoking, there’s only bad things that happen through doing that. Every time you smoke your mini cigar you’re slowing yourself down on the bike.

2 sessions a week separated by 2/3 days do 2 x 20’ at 90% FTP and 3 x 12’ at 95% FTP. Do that for 3 weeks and do another FTP test. It will have gone up.

Thanks for the info guys. I started the 6 week beginner FTP session last night. First session went really well and really enjoyed it.

Good to hear…. 

I would like to add to the “keep its fun”, and “several times a half hour to an hour each week is more then several hours once in a while” comments. 

I went up from 150 W to about 290 W FTP in about a year, at about the same length and weight (minus to cigars though). So, just ride on :).