New Zwift Hub - no power, cadence, speed data

Also, just additional info on mine. It didn’t work out of the box prior to update. So it wasn’t the update that got mine. If this helps anyone else.

Yes my trainer worked 3 different rides. Did firmware update, next day I can’t get any output. Deleted all apps, reinstalled only the app on Bluetooth laptop. No change. Turned every Bluetooth device off in my house, I’m certain the trainer is not connected to anything until I open laptop app. ( Blue flashing light on trainer, open app and it goes solid and the app pairs speed, power and control). It will pair with ZC on phone, and verify firmware is updated). Regardless of device… It’s zero output. Tech support and I spent 60 minutes trying every unplug, turn off device, force close apps. Etc etc.

Update: 11/09 - Zwift Tech Support team reviewed my log files and will be shipping a replacement HUB to me.

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Same issue with me. Connects fine. No output. I’m also having trouble contacting support. Iv emailed them, But no response. Anyone have any way to quickly get a response?

I contacted them by Chat messenger. Got a response right away, sent log files to the support team and within 7 days I had replacement unit on my door. (I live in lower 48). Email responses were always within 24-36 hours. Replacement unit resolved my issue.

Having the same problem. Sent a message to chat and fast response. Had to send a video log to the email so it could be sent to “higher ups” hopefully they get back soon.

Same Problem - The Service of Zwift ist horrible - I live in Germany

Piling on, no power output or cadence. I used an iPhone at first and then tried an iPad with same results. I disabled all BT devices, including power pedals. Interestingly, the Zwift app reads power from my power pedals, so to me, it’s a data channel problem with the hub. I sent a help request through the companion app and got a quick canned reply “We’ve received your email and will help as quickly as we can.”

Having exactly the same problem on my one which is actually a replacement as the first one went faulty/noisy within 2 months of using it.This one has not worked since it arrived.Constant emails that are not replied to with a solution and live chat said he was sending it higher but heard absolutely nothing.

I’ve had a similar experience. Hub worked for 2 weeks. Then, the “NO SIGNAL” started showing up. Restarts of Hub and Ultra 22+ phone and later connecting by ANT+ (switching to Samsung S8 Pro tablet) seemed to fix the issue. Last week, Hub started making a loud clicking/dropping as if the ERG was engaging and disengaging aggressively. Zwift support requested a video to diagnose. When I went to film, the unit became unresponsive. No lights, no ERG activity/drag. The unit appears dead. I sent a note back to Zwift Support and 2 days later, awaiting a response. In fairness to Zwift, this was over the weekend so hoping to hear back today. As far as I know, there’s no “reset” other than unplugging and plugging back in after a few minutes - so no way to bring it back other than to swap the unit.

seems to be quite a number of units that develop a fault

if you buy cheap, you buy twice

Hard to tell really on a relative basis, unless you frequent counterpart discussion groups such as the Elite Direto/XR, or Wahoo Kickr, etc. facebook sites or (if they have these) their forums.

“Buy nice or buy twice”

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Update…they’re sending me a new power cord. We’ll see…let’s hope it’s an issue with the power.

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Same issue here, after two month I have no more power control. For me, it dropped down to 0 in the middle of a ride. Tried on three different devices, turned off all BT connections except the ones to test. Zwift support is difficult to reach from Germany and they keep writing that they are investigating. Hope they send out a replacement soon. Or are there any new tricks to fix the issue?

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Do you have a way to connect via ANT+? You shouldn’t have to, but might help you figure out if it’s a Bluetooth issue or not?

Hmm, I could try to connect my Garmin, Would that be an option?

Yes that should work.

Having a working trainer that dies suddenly during a ride is certainly a bad sign, so you may be stuck waiting for Zwift support. How long has your support request been open?

No Power and Speed reading on my Garmin as well, connected via ANT+. Guess it’s a hardware issue, will try to contact the famous chat again tonight.
Thank you for the advice, at least another test completed. The SR was opened 1.5 days ago, son not very long, although I’d expect more reactivity for issues related to hardware that’s not even 2month old. Local hotline would help.