New York disappearing

I know it gets a bad rep from lots of users but it’s only on the schedule 4 times this month (every other world, even Innsbruck has at least double the appearances) and seems to getting increasingly unused for events too. I hope it’s not on its way out - i want the route badges. Anyone have any ideas?

I cant see it being on its way out… I am fairly new to Zwift but i feel like they should be adding new maps or atleast routes on maps rather than taking them away! It is annoying though I agree, having the same routes repeatedly gets tedious and I shouldnt need to plan my training around Zwifts calender!

Apologies hasnt really answered your question but thats my 2 pence on the matter! :rofl:


Create a Meetup and ride New York anytime you want.

Use the Zwift Prefs hack to ride any world anytime.

How is this still a thing now that you can organize meetups wherever you want?

I don’t like the yellow arrow when riding a meetup :joy::joy::joy::joy:

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Let another one create the Meetup. Then you don’t have the arrow :cowboy_hat_face:

Or do what I do -
Create the Meetup.
Join the Meetup.
Quit the Meetup.
You remain in the world of the Meetup, and on the route of the Meetup.
It’s a great way to tick off the route badges without having to work on Zwift world schedule.


That’s a good hack

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It’s not a hack.

Bad choice of words - I meant it more in the “life hack” style