New user Companion app help

I’m a new user from RGT. SO FAR SO GOOD.
I’m on the 3 month free trial.

But how do I start an activity from the Companion App?
Why do I see more activity choices in the menu than I can start even from my Apple TV?
Why do some activities not show the gear choice from my Wattbike Atom



Hi @Bryan_Christophersen and welcome to the forums!

You cant start a ride from the companion app. Think of it more like a remote control for when you are alreay riding. All rides must be started from the game itself. The companion app is the best place to search for and sign up for events/races etc.

Not sure what you mean here, can you elaborate?

Hello @Bryan_Christophersen welcome to Zwift forum!

The Companion app provides supplemental functions tot he main game app. While some functions are duplicated (like the blue Action Bar that you can pop up on the bottom of the game screen), the Companion app adds supplemental features that are not available in the main app. Some more information about the Companion app is on our Support Hub.

You can’t. You’ll need to log in to the game app, and select an activity from the home screen.

The main app’s home screen is designed so you can log in, quickly find something you want to do and get riding / running. To that end - the main app shows you group rides or races coming up in the immediate future (like a couple hours or less).

If you’re looking for events further off in the distance to sign up for - you do that in the Companion app, or the web page.

You should see the Wattbike gear indicator when you’re in free ride mode, aka simulator (SIM) mode. That’s when gear shifts come into play. If you’re in a structured workout (ERG mode), you don’t shift gears. Your first focus in ERG mode is to hit the cadence target. As you pedal faster or slower, the trainer will automatically adjust resistance until you’ve achieved the second focus: the wattage target. This is why you dlon’t need to shift to change resistance. More info on ERG mode in this article.


Thanks for the answers.

To my other point, on the Home Screen of the App, via Apple TV, I is see some routes and one, sometimes two Worlds.
When I search the App via my phone or in the Companion App I see far more.

I’m now wondering if I can start a ride from my phone, using the App, but then ride it on my Apple TV. Thoughts?



It’s normal that only Watopia and two rotating guest worlds are available at any given time, but you can pick from other worlds by starting a workout which will let you choose an “off-calendar” world. You can end the workout early and keep going as a free ride. I use a custom workout that only has a 10 second free ride element for this purpose. (Creating a custom workout requires a Mac, PC, or tablet)

I don’t have Apple TV so am going to have to assume it is pretty much same as other devices. I also don’t fully understand what you are looking at so am going to work on what you might be looking at.

You say you are seeing one or two rides on ATV and possibly 1 or 2 worlds. Are you by any chance looking at just the immediate Home Screen as shown below?

If so this is only showing you a couple of ride options and you need to select the world icon at the top:

From this screen you can select one of the three worlds available each day and then choose a route and start your ride from this screen.

These three worlds and the routes within each world are the same as everything you can see on your companion app under the explore option. However on companion app you can not select your route.

I think it may have been mentioned above that you can’t start your rides from the companion app. That is correct but what you can do is under the Events option you can select an event (Group ride, race, Group workout) and enter it minutes, hours, days before you are anywhere near your trainer and in game. Once you start up your in game free ride your entry will be recognised when there are 30 minutes to go to the start and allow you the option of Join Event.

Have you sorted being able to see your gears? I don’t have a wattbike so can’t really help.

@shooj has given you a possible answer above but if you are still not seeing your gear in free rides you may need to ask again or see if others can help out.

You did see gears:


But in your last two non Erg? rides you didn’t.


That’s hugely helpful. Thanks.

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Helpful. Thanks

I did London 8 today and saw no ERG button on the app or the companion.

I then tried another ride that was labelled FREE RIDE and still no ERG button.
What am I doing wrong?

I’ve send some more about my gears.

ERG mode is only for workouts, not free rides. If you want ERG mode in a free ride you can use a different app or cycling computer to control ERG mode (with that device paired for Resistance). Or you can start a workout from within a free ride if you want.

I think Bryan may be confused about what ERG is. He asked in his OP as to why he can no longer see, on screen, the gears he is using. He is on a Wattbike. Shuji gave him a reply which suggested he wouldn’t see gears in ERG mode but Bryan is not seeing gears in Free Ride.

Just checking other forum threads and his recent activity I wonder whether he is pairing his trainer with Resistance. Is that still a valid reason why he may not see his gears on screen?

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A screenshot of the pairing screen would help.

Further help might be to note that during the “learn Zwift” sessions I could see the gears. It’s only my recent rides that have the issue

Hopefully some further info. It is a couple of months out of date. When it mentions ‘Controllable’ Zwift has changed this to ‘Resistance’

Notable two important criteria.

If you are using a Bluetooth connection you will see the gear changes on the top left-hand side of the screen, if using ANT+ you will not see gearing on the screen.

Should you have any issues connecting via Bluetooth please ensure all apps potentially running Bluetooth in the background of your device are not running and that background Bluetooth functionality is turned off.

Make sure next time you are on the pairing screen you set your Resistance to pick up your Wattbike by Bluetooth.

A picture/screenshot of your pairing screen, fully paired, posted here might help confirm you are paired correctly.

Thanks. Will try this and report back.

I think we have a problem. My Apple TV does not have an ANT+ adapter.

I pair using Bluetooth on the Apple TV, but do not get the full set of things you describe. Controls shows nothing.

I didn’t bother with HR for this test

I also tried to pair via my phone and that didn’t work at all.

It’s all strange as on the first Welcome ride the gears were there.

It is not the Controls option you should be searching. You need to search on the Resistance option and find your Wattbike.

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