New to Cycling. Need Advice for the TACX FLUX S

I’m currently looking at buying a Tacx Flux S.
I have no knowledge about bikes so trying to find a bike that is compatible for the Tacx is a bit confusing.
If anyone could recommend any bikes it would be much appreciated.
(Cheaper the better but not cheap cheap? :sweat_smile: ).

Any road bike with a Shimano/Sram 11 speed cassette will be compatible with the Tacx Flux S without modification. Any road bike with a Shimano/Sram 8, 9 or 10 speed cassette will be compatible with the addition of a spacer washer on the Tacx’s hub. You will have to either transfer the bike’s cassette to the Tacx or purchase a new cassette for use with the Tacx.

I recommend taking your Tacx to a local bike shop that sells used bikes on consignment. They will be able to hook you up with a compatible bike, sell you the cassette you need, and make any mods to the Tacx necessary to make it work. Plus you’ll have the peace of mind knowing that the bike shop will have looked over the bike for any issues. You don’t need a fancy or fast bike to use the Tacx. Any old bike will do so don’t break the bank in that regard.

Welcome to Zwift and the world of cycling. Ride on!