New Smart Bikes compatibility list

there was a boom in virtual training in the last 18 months, and as far as i know the list of smart bikes compatible with automatic resistance control is still the same, just 3 models. All of them with a price bigger than 2.500€.
Why there aren’t new models with?
I can’t beleive the lack of progress in this area which is a key in zwift experience.
When can we expect new models in this list?
thank you.

Probably when new models come on the market.

It’s at least 4 though, isn’t it? Tacx, Wahoo, Stages, Wattbike (Atom). The last one seems to retail for EUR ~2250.

Zwift will be bringing out their own smart bike at some point. Will it shake up the market? We’ll have to wait and see.

TrueKinetix but it has limited distribution: TrueKinetix | TrueBike gives you the true feel of an outdoor bike

I think there are also esoteric models used for rehab and such. They also are very high cost.