Best bike for zwift?

I have a gym and am about to by some spinning. What should I choose to get best integration with zwift? I am thinking Lifefitness IC8 with TFT2 maybe or is there any better?

I think it would be good to have resistance from zwift to the bike

A Zwift “certified” bike would be a smart choice, or if you already have a bike and just need a trainer, then a “certified” Direct Drive trainer is optimal.

Resistance is a must if you want to enjoy the full Zwift experience (feeling the hills, training programs that automate resistance) but not essential.

‘Tron bike’ might still be the right answer in future. :wink:


I have access to the IC8 and it works very well with Zwift. Don’t get auto resistance obviously but Betty robust bit of kit.

You really want a bike that has controllable resistance from Zwift for the full experience.


Look into the Wahoo Kickr bike.

I’m a new Zwifter, since Sept with the goal,of recovering and rebuilding strength and conditioning after 3 joint replacements including 2 hips. Haven’t been on a bike since I was a bike messenger in NYC in 1972. Real tough at first but after 4 months making progress and hips doing great. Am using the IC8 which I bought without really knowing what I was in store for. Terrain resistance would be nice to have, and will get plenty once I buy my road bike for real road biking come spring. This is my first post and really look forward to learning more from riding vets about how to use Zwift more effectively to reach my goals. Thanks all.

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When I started on Zwift, I started with an old touring bike and a second-hand Tacx Smart Flow trainer, which is a smart trainer and simulates hills. It cost £110 from Facebook marketplace, and I’ve seen them as cheap as £75. Once I got into Zwift I upgraded, but it was a great starting point for me.

Second-hand prices went up in the pandemic but they’ve come down now, and I think that’s a much better option than any spin bike.

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