New Rider - How to set up Training Program?

I’ve been beating my head against this for 12 hours and I’ve given up.

I got the email that says you’ve completed your first ride - in there is a link to set up a training program
" [WORKOUTS & TRAINING PLANS]Reach your potential with short sessions or complete training plans."

  • click it, takes you to a webpage,

click on this link - changes shape but does nothing, click again, nothing. WTH?

“BUILD ME UP - Make a big leap in fitness if you’re tight on time.”

I went to the companion app and the main app - I can’t find training programs anywhere…?

On the main menu when you’re starting a Zwift ride click on Training. In there you’ll find all the different training plans. You can also access them whilst mid-ride from the right hand side of the in-game menu too (confusingly in there they are called Workouts).

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