New Meta commercial showing off Zwift for a few seconds

Just saw this commercial; was looking away but had looked up and saw Zwift.
Wasn’t entirely sure what it was about at the time; started showing off VR and AR stuff (which, should be reminded is a horrible idea for things like Zwift down to the amount of sweat!)

Anyways, chucking this out to general discussions; anyone seen this yet?

Linky: Amani | :60 - YouTube

Extended new release: Amani - YouTube

Yeah, it is interesting that Zwift is promoted clearly in this Meta video. I am a bit leery of Meta’s direction overall for many reasons, and whether I could actually do a Zwift race or workout with a headset on without short circuiting it with the vast amount of sweat that explodes from my face when I’m riding, but who knows maybe they have some fans on the actual headset or maybe they are liquid cooled :slight_smile:

Meta Quest Pro headset…

Looks interesting but I think it’s very unpractical for Zwift - even using a HP Reverb G2 sitting stationary flying a 737-700 in Flight Simulator, you still have the heat from the headset. That wouldn’t be ideal for Zwift.

It would be a sad day if Zwift ever sells out or has any kind of connection to Facebook. I don’t care how cool the technology is… “I do NOT agree with the terms and conditions of use.”





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It’s a shame so much Zwift racing communication is done via facebook. I might actually race and be on a team if I was able to join in the conversation. :man_shrugging:


I am not FB either, so when I wanted join a team I had to find those which weren’t FB dependent for communication. There are definitely some out there — they tend to rely on Discord for communication, so you will need to be willing to have that. Without FB I do miss the official Zwift and ZRL comms, but anything particularly important or salacious/funny, my teammies usually pass along.

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Also a personal gripe.

I’d like, in a pipe dream to have everything under a teams area via the zwift home page, with a slack/discord-like team area for team chat, news etc.

I think because the Facebook groups have got so large now, getting people to move across would almost be impossible.




Sad news from team Amani today

a lot use discord which I prefer.

We have a fb group but i try make sure everything is on discord as it’s a much better platform for organising and communication. fb is not a requirement we have discord only users.

i’m still banned from the wtrl facebook group after criticising their whole give us your password debacle


If you’re understandably facebook-averse there is an active group on Reddit (no account needed to lurk) that posts most of the news/updates. r/zwift

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