New London Circuit

Please create this loop as a selectable route.

You can call it Riverside Rush or Thames Thrash if you like.


Cheers :) 

I was thinking the same thing!

It would be a new mostly flat circuit that could add more variety for group rides.

I think that we really need that in London.

Good idea. Would make for a good alternative race circuit, and/or general flat circuit for a few loops.

If the starting point is the Surrey Hills spawn point it would clean up some of the clogging at the normal London spawn point.

Make it so Zwift!!


Nice idea for those that like to ride the flat parts. 



Hard to “see” the route from the map posted above since the Surrey Hills are pasted right across the river from London but of course are not actually in that location when looking at real world map like above.  Looks interesting though!  and I will see if I can make my way through your loop idea…anything thing that is not PAN FLAT  or a mountain climb gets us closer to Zwift giving us the MOST obviously needed route -rolling hills, curvy road, punchy climbs  (aka what most cyclists see in their dreams).

Gareth, just rode and its a nice circuit.  I think it would be a good racing or group or even TT loop.  I agree it should be a menu course choice.